Now Available – The Dragon’s Attempt at Revenge

“When the dragon flies again, The Three shall unite and conquer all!”

Both the chimera and Alesstros have quoted the so-called prophecy. The battle with Alesstros is over (again) and The Three were defeated (right?). The prophecy was garbage. The purple dragon doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Does he?

Meanwhile, Collin wants Neal to meet his parents. Neal has faced trials, but nothing as painful as in-laws. Brogan the Knight Wanderer never passes on a journey, and before anyone can argue, the gang is back together and on the road to Tournefortii.

Between wedding plans and revenge plots, the Finnalys and their adopted family are bound to land neck-deep in a steaming pile of trouble – which is where Teagan spends most of his time anyway.

The dramatic conclusion to the Finnaly Trio Trilogy will answer the most important question:

Why is it always poop?

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