A Plethora of Poor Decisions – Now Available!

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And Other Tales of Misadventure

Dearest Raymond,
This letter must remain confidential. I will begin with Lord Bonbon’s confession.
“It’s not even a
good curse,” he said.

Is there a monster living in your garage? Is there a portal in your room you’d rather avoid? Do weddings fill you with ferocious feelings? Are you a spoiled former pop star who has lost your appeal? Are you on an ongoing quest to uncover buried treasure?

Good news: You’re not alone! (You should do something about that portal, though.)

In this dudetastic collection of shorts, hopeless characters make all the wrong choices – whether they realize it or not.

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Once Upun a Time: The Cover!

Once Upun a Time will be available on December 1, 2015. (This holiday season, give the gift of laughter!!)

Once Upun a Time
Puns and Other Nonsense

Do you like gripping tales of action and adventure? Are you fond of spooky science fiction? Does high fantasy float your boat, while low fantasy tickles your yacht? Well, good news – none of that is what you’ll find here!

This book includes:
An exclusive story set in The Dragon’s Toenail universe!
Zeus’ birthday party!
Appliances doing their duties!
The 1980s of the future!
Exclamation points!!!
And more!

Sit back, relax, and ready your eyes for rolling; this book has a little pun for everyone.

And now, the cover…


The cover was created by the supremely talented Ethaniel Ritchot. Why is it a fish, you ask? Why not read it and find out?