The Goat’s Voice


“For fifty years I have been planning the moment of my escape, and the wind has brought me to your door.”

The wizard Deifilia arrives unannounced with bad news: Pernilla has been chosen to start the revolution.

Pernilla agrees that slavery is wrong, but she believes revolution is best left to the professionals. She is a simple farmer who is content living a simple life with her goat. This “Chosen One” business is utter nonsense.

But when her goat starts talking, her destiny is hard to ignore.

Can a woman and her goat truly change the course of history?

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goat cover front

Rafaello’s Eternal Design Inc.


Rafaello’s office is a collection of the most creative, most talented creatures, alive or undead. His designers can do anything, from revamping your tomb to updating your out-of-date curse website.

Living and working forever isn’t easy. Pegasus in Monster Resources knows the truth of that. Sam Devile, Rafaello’s latest addition, struggles with unwanted emotions. Ketos fears his past will come back to haunt him. Even Rafaello himself, vampire extraordinaire, deals with the occasional hardship.

In this collection of shorts, some of his best (and worst) employees come together to make trouble. And sometimes they even do their jobs.