A Pun Announcement

If you’re keeping track, you may have noticed some stories disappearing from this blog. It’s not because I’m ashamed, and it’s not because I don’t love you.

I’m pleased to announce my next book; a short (and cheap!) collection of groan-inducing fiction: Once Upun a Time.

I have compiled 38 of my favourite flash and short fictions, and made revisions; some small, and some large. Some have been expanded, some have been changed from their original format, but all retain their original eye-rolling twists. I have butchered fantasy, urban fantasy, science-fiction, and contemporary fiction; there are groans here for everyone!

My expected publication date is December 1, 2015 (just in time for the holidays!)

Once Upun a Time contains a little mature language and a heckuva a lot of immature humour. I hope you will enjoy it!