Christmas Dinner

This morning I was delighted to learn that I was first runner up for Friday’s Flash!Friday competition.

It’s a little early for Christmas (I mean, normally I put my tree up November 4th for my birthday but this year I can’t so I’m pretending it’s too early for Christmas) but I was inspired.

Christmas Dinner

“Do you remember that Sherlock Holmes story?” Marv asks.

Greg shrugs. “There are a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories.”

“The one where they find that big blue diamond in the horse’s throat.”

“I know the one, but it was a goose, not a horse. Imagine having a horse for Christmas dinner! Anyway, what about it?”

“I was just thinking how nice it would be to find a diamond down Jackson’s throat,” Marv says. He looks out the window. Jackson’s old and not good for much anymore. He can’t even pull the cart.

“Stupid to wish for something like that,” Greg says.

“I suppose. Wish some money would fall in our laps, though.”

Marv and Greg are almost out of food. The first few flakes of snow fell this morning, and if it gets too cold too fast they’re not going to be able to find work.

Christmas dinner might be horse after all.