Summary of C4 2018


This year they added a DJ and karaoke, which are both big pluses for me.  I had to quit voice lessons a few years back due to financial reasons (that, and the lessons were honestly useless, given that I only performed once a year at their recital and didn’t use the training for anything else) and I miss singing! There’s talk of a karaoke night, I’m hoping early in the new year, but people are hard to manage…

I took advantage of the karaoke booth on Sunday and sang “Mandy,” the Westlife version. I was impressed with the selection, actually. I goofed on the higher part of the song and one long note, but the rest went well. The DJ said “Nice” when I started singing and “Nicely done” when I finished, and I feel like he’s heard it all so I took the compliment.

I heard some good songs over the course of the weekend, both karaoke-wise and DJ-wise. I was unaware of the “Baby Shark” thing until this weekend and now, joy of joys, that song will be in my head forever!

In spite of lower attendance (see “the bad”) my brother and I managed decent sales. I’m always excited when I sell books!! I also sold a couple of pairs of earrings and three headbands – which means I’ll be making more of each for my next booth. I’ll be starting some kind of website or instagram or both to showcase my earrings and my mother’s so we can do some craft sales in the future.


The con was much slower this year. I spoke with a few of the other artists, and it was generally agreed that there was a sour note in the air. A lot of the regulars did not attend this year, and it’s most likely because of the jacked-up prices, both for the tables and for admission.

There were less vendors as well and while normally I have no trouble dropping way too much money, it was slim pickings for loots. (Don’t get me wrong, I still managed to spend my early birthday money and a chunk of my boyfriend’s money, but it wasn’t as quick and easy as usual).


Unless something changes, price-wise and atomosphere-wise, my brother and I won’t be hosting a booth at C4 next year. I understand that they are a business and that the convention centre is an expensive venue, but there is a lot of anger going on.  I’d be happy to hear I’m misinterpreting!


All in all I had a fantastic weekend. I got to wear monk robes and my 80s Wario costume, which I loved, and I did find some things to buy that I’m excited about. My booth neighbours were lovely people and I got to see and chat with some author buddies.

I’m looking forward to whichever convention comes next!


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