Fitness Update 2+ Years On

In reviewing my sad, neglected blog, I realized that I made an initial fitness post, an update a month later, and then completely forgot I was blogging about it. Now it’s been over two years.

I am happy to report that I still lift three times a week. I have embraced weights with an enthusiasm I did not know I possessed. Here are some of the fitnessy things I’ve done in the past two years.


In June I ran leg one of the Manitoba Marathon Relay, around 7km. It was a huge milestone for me. I’m not a huge fan of running, but I wanted to know if I could do it. I wanted to know how far I’d come. I didn’t make great time, but by golly, I made it through.

It helped that I ran with my best friend, who, a month later, became my boyfriend. 😀

In July, I went to Mud Hero. That year the group was doing the 10km race. I wanted to be with the group so I said what the hell and gave it a shot. At the end of it, everyone agreed that next year we’d be doing the 6km race instead. The extra k’s didn’t add much, so they said.

2018 So Far

This year I injured my foot in the first run of the season, so I didn’t do the Relay. Next year we’re sticking to 5km fun runs only (except Mud Hero…see below).

I did do Mud Hero, 6km as we’d planned. This time, at the end of it, I convinced my boyfriend that we should do the 10km again next year. The running part of it isn’t important to me. I want more obstacles. This year it felt like it was mostly walls (which I find difficult at my height) but I completed all but two.  (I fell off the sidewinder thing and couldn’t pull myself back up).

Boyfriend and I are signed up for a 5km fun run in October but we’ve been so busy lately training just isn’t happening. It may or may not come to pass.

2019 The Next Adventure

I signed up for an intro to kickboxing class in January. I was back and forth between kickboxing and boxing but I went with the kicking because I’ve decided I want Chun Li thighs.

Depending on how that goes I might take another class or two.

General Update

I can lift more than two years ago. A lot more. I started going to the gym with a bad back and a stiff neck. Last Saturday I completed a deadlift of 235 lbs. No reps yet but those are coming! It’s a constant adventure to see how much more I can do.

Eventual goals: Full chin-ups (right now I do a kind of half-chin-up), much heavier squats, being able to bench press my boyfriend

Two  years on and I’m not “thin” but I’m in good shape, and my aches and pains are a thing of the past. My body image still needs work (look how far I’ve come, and yet I’m still hard on myself for having belly fat…) but I’m satisfied with my progress!


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