C4 2016 – In Summary

I spent this weekend at Central Canada Comic Con with my brother. I sold my books, he sold his art, and the con was relatively kind to both of us.

We dressed as Spinelli & TJ from Recess. The costumes were well received.



We arrived at the venue about 12:00 to start setting up. We had dropped off our supplies the night before. Setup didn’t take long, so we went for a delicious lunch. At 2pm, the convention started.

Business was slower on Friday, but that was only to be expected. We sold a couple of things, and had plenty of fun taking turns wandering the floor.

At the end of the day I won the 50-50 draw, which was a delightful surprise and funded more purchases than I would have been able to make otherwise.


My husband tagged along, so he watched the table for us several times so we could shop together. My brother bought me super secret birthday present (more secret than the one I picked Friday!) and I found the best thing ever for my dad for Christmas. This year I also made a point of buying indie books, because I’m an indie author and I want to help my fellows.

Saturday was the longest day and by the end we were toast, but we had a blast.


I was on a panel at noon on Sunday, my first time ever. It was fun! I was with extremely talented company and I felt outclassed, but I was so grateful to have been invited. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

There were so many good costumes (as always). Lots of laughs, some money, and good company. Overall I’d say it was a success.

My loots

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