Writing & Etc. Update

If you’re going to be in Winnipeg for C4 October 28-30, come and see me! I am sharing a table with my talented brother the artist.

I’ll be selling books and articles of tiny clothing, mostly hats, designed to fit most standard Funko Pop figurines. (Sam from Supernatural is my hat model. He’s a good sport about it, too.)

I don’t want to talk about what movie I was watching though

The hat above is going to turn into a clown wig. Most of the hats are colourful things with poofy pom poms. I have a few beanies and a couple of fun themed hats, some scarves, a handful of cat ears, and soon I’ll have some special Halloween hats as well.

I’ll even be in a panel on the Sunday. Please don’t tell them that I’m not even close to being in the same league as my panel-mates…they might kick me out.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been stuck at a particular place in Chapter 14 of the third book in the Finnaly Trio Trilogy. I was struggling with a certain concept that I had been planning since book 1, but it turns out that concept was too ridiculous even for me. By removing it, I have finally moved forward. I don’t think the book will suffer from its lack, either; in fact, I have a few new ideas I’m looking forward to.

I have at least two, and possibly three, flash fiction compilations planned for next year. Once Upun a Time has been my most popular effort, and these 100-ish page compilations of silliness are a joy to put together.

Aside from that, I have the bare bones of my next novel set aside, and eventually I will have to find the time and/or energy to get to work on it.

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