I donated to public television once. The following is a slight (but only slight) exaggeration.

REPRESENTATIVE: I see here that you’ve donated to us in the past. Thank you so much for your support.

ME: Uh oh.

REPRESENTATIVE: So because you donated once in the past for a single amount of $25 we’re calling to see if you’d like to donate $5,000/month for the foreseeable future!

ME: I can’t really afford…


ME: Look, if I want to donate to…

REPRESENTATIVE: Even a much smaller amount would still help us tremendously!

ME: Please stop.

REPRESENTATIVE: We can send you an invoice for another $25 if that would suit you better?

ME: Fine. You know what, send the invoice. I’m not going to pay it.

REPRESENTATIVE: We look forward to your money!

I don’t mind when organizations like the Heart & Stroke Foundation try to get more money out of me; there’s an obvious need for it there. Still, I could do without the phone calls, especially after I’ve politely said  “No, not right now.”




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