Robbie’s Trip to Ontario (with pictures!)

Once a year, I make the journey to see my grandmother, and now, after their move, my parents. Visiting family is always a blast, and they live in such a beautiful part of the world it would be impossible not to have a great time. My only regret is that I had no time to visit other Ontario friends.

Grammie gave Robbie the OK and we spent a terrific week of golden sunshiny weather in southern Ontario. Aside from some barking in the apartment, Robbie behaved like a champion – he didn’t utter a single peep on the plane, even though the poor little man was scared.


Day 1 was spent traveling; 2 hours on the plane, and about 2.5 hours driving from Toronto. When we reached the car, where my father was cheerfully awaiting our arrival, Robbie was happy to be out of the kennel.

He looks grumpy, but that’s his travel face.

Upon our arrival, we spent our afternoon catching up, and making introductions. Robbie was happy to meet Grammie, and revisit with my mom, who loves to hold him. At dinner, Robbie discovered that by a combination of sitting quietly, and putting his teeny paws on people’s knees, the dinner table became a magical place where he got to sample tasty treats. (It was his vacation too, after all.)


Day 2 was a relaxation day. Took Robbie for a walk by the water and enjoyed the incredible view. It became his favourite place for afternoon walks in the week ahead.

Birds, squirrels, dogs…where will I find the time for all of it?


Robbie chilled with Mother and Grammie while I went shopping with my dad. Many things were purchase. I rejoiced.

Robbie learned that vacations are pretty much the best thing ever.


Day 4 was for driving and sightseeing. I showed Robbie some of my favourite spots, like Lake on the Mountain…

It was really humid okay there was nothing I could do about my hair.

and the beach…

“Smells like rotten fish! I LOVE IT!!!”

On the way home, he worked on his inappropriate tan.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”


We went to Michael’s for craft supplies, and my dad hung out with Robbie this time.


Took Robbie to the pet store. I’ve never seen him so excited to be at a PetSmart. Apparently Ontario dogs smell super amazing.

In the afternoon, my dad and I took Robbie to check out the dog park.

“I’ll give it 7/10. It’s pretty small, but I like the trees.”


We made one last trip to the mall, while my dad hung out with Robbie once again. I picked up a few last things, to make sure I had gifts for everyone when I got home. Robbie enjoyed his path by the water one last time.

“You haven’t been letting me sleep as much as usual, Ma. I’m pooped.”


It was time for the journey home.We began with the drive to the airport, and stopped along the way so Robbie could explore the rest stop. There was plenty of garbage to smell, and Robbie and I agreed that it was atrocious – don’t litter, people.

Seriously, don’t litter.

Robbie wasn’t looking forward to the plane, but he smiled anyway, because he knew in a few hours he’d be at home harassing his cats.

Vacation well spent!



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