It’s Puzzling

Ah, the mighty jigsaw puzzle. It intrigues me with its shiny smooth surface and cardboard backing. Poor quality puzzles are frustrating because they do not stick together, but once I have started – alas, I cannot stop.

Good quality jigsaw puzzles keep me happy for hours upon hours. If I have two that are of similar shape and size, I like to mix them together and do two at once.

Ah, Nibs. I miss you.

Puzzles that make claims about “brighter colours” and “more beautiful pictures” are next to impossible for me to pass up.

The glorious after

I don’t know why I love them as much as I do, especially when this is commonplace:

Makes things tough

But once a pretty puzzle has been laid out on the table, I disappear into another world, where there is only piece after piece. If one or two of the pieces get knocked down by the cat and subsequently chewed by the dog, well…so be it. I hate leaving a puzzle unfinished, but technically that chewed up blob is still the piece.

Sometimes I like to do something more challenging.

The proper setup, minus a snack
The four horses of the apocalypse

And sometimes I take the challenge too far and I’m straight up mean to myself.

why am I doing this
I guess I’ll start with yellow?
NEVER AGAIN until next time

A friend recently recommended mystery puzzles to me; there’s a puzzle AND a mystery to solve – it’s like a wish come true!

I can’t do puzzles all the time. They take up time that is probably best used for other things. Puzzles aren’t good for much besides putting together and taking apart, and real life often gets in the way.

Still, I tell myself “puzzles are how you relax” and it feels justified, once in a while, to sit down and let the interlocking pieces entrance me.

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