Fitness & Health – Month 1

My first gym day was July 5, when I had an assessment and my trainer assured me he could help with my aches and pains.

I went in complaining of neck and shoulder pain, and lower back pain to a lesser extent. I’m also borderline overweight and wanted to lose a few pounds. During that assessment, I learned that he hoped to help me with many other things; my indigestion, my sluggishness, and the fact that I’m always hungry (to name a few).

An increase in protein, particularly red meat, plus a decrease (and in some cases elimination) of carbohydrates has dramatically reduced and almost obliterated my indigestion. I went from having a constantly sore stomach for years to blissful internal peace. I would never recommend the gluten-free diet (unless you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac disease or a nutritionist suggested it on a case-by-base basis) but it’s certainly working for me.

I thought it would be hard, but my stomach feels so light. I’ve given myself a couple of “cheat” days and eaten some of my no-no foods, and the next day I can feel the pain; it justifies the pain in the ass I feel when I go out to eat and spend half an hour with the menu.

The neck and shoulder pain I went in for in the first place is almost gone. Sometimes I wake up with a stiff neck, but for the most part, I’ve started walking with my head held high and I’m physically capable of sitting up straight in chairs.

I never thought I’d be able to enjoy exercise. Inside I was still the fat kid who gave up in gym class because the other kids were mean when I wasn’t good at sports. I’ve finally made peace with that fat kid and now we’re working together.

In summary, month 1: big success.



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