Ode to Jill

From Microcosms.



If she’s trapped in the house, she’ll stare with disdain,
You can see what she thinks; “Do you dare to contain,
This magnificent creature, who must have her grass?”
She cares not that her vomit’s a pain in the ass.

She presides over subjects who bow at her feet;
They provide her the food when she wishes to eat,
Because in her jungle, there’s a sad lack of meat,
But she does have a shelter, which is really quite neat.

She demands to be free (between the two fences)
Her sense of entitlement’s massive;
If you’re not careful, she’ll sneak past your defenses,
She’s lazy, but she sure ain’t passive.

She lounges beneath the shade of the trees
And she hunts prey she calls ferocious;
She munches on greens and sleeps in the leaves,
So by bedtime her breath is atrocious.

She thinks she’s the queen of the jungle,
But in truth she’s my Calico cat.


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