Pros and Cons of the Chihuahua

– Everyone who comes in the door is a serial killer BARKBARKBARKBARK calm down Robbie it’s just my pizza.
– 3 am is an acceptable time to piss off the cat, who in turn wakes me up to complain.
– Everything is food; including, but not limited to: grass, chunks of dirt, cat poop, clumps of hair pulled from the husky’s tail, random processed meat found on the ground at the park…
– Bedtime is PLAY TIIIIME
– VET: (pointing to a poster of dog dental disease, prevalent in small dogs) This is your future. LOOK AT IT.
– “I’m gonna pick up the very few bad habits of the other dog, while simultaneously ignoring all of his good habits!”
– Pee. Pee everywhere.

– He plays fetch
– 3 am is also an acceptable time to curl up and comfort me when I have a migraine


Clearly, the pros outweigh the cons.

But seriously, pee everywhere.


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