Math Homework

Good morning, class. Complete questions 1 – 5 and check your answers below.

  1. If Jackie has 3oz of vodka and Sandra steals 2oz, how many minutes will pass before Jackie punches Sandra in the nose?
  2. Jack is an auditor. In one week, he audits five stores. If four out of five of the stores fail their audit, what percentage of the city’s population hates Jack’s guts?
  3. Two trains are traveling toward one another. The first train, going east, is moving 100 km/h. The second train, moving west, is traveling at 160 km/h. If the trains collide at this speed, will train #1’s company decide to sue train #2’s company? If so, for how much?
  4. Hans stops on the way home to pick up some groceries, and to take out some cash to pay the babysitter. He forgets the milk (again) and will have to go back later. When he gets home, he makes dinner. Will his kids actually eat the broccoli? How many broccolis will Hans have to throw in the trash?
  5. Laura is on stress leave, citing “mental distress.” Laura has never been distressed in her life and is obviously abusing the system, which in turn makes everyone who actually needs stress leave look bad. She faked it so she could go skydiving. If Jimmy, a coworker, steals all her stuff while she’s gone, is he a bad person?


  1. 0 minutes
  2. Jack doesn’t care who hates him because he’s getting a sweet bonus
  3. Why would two trains be traveling toward each other on the same track that’s ridiculous
  4. His kids actually like broccoli, but he ended up trashing all of it because it smelled funky
  5. Nah, she probably deserved it

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