lessons learned from the power rangers

Thanks to Netflix, I have been revisiting one of my childhood staples. (Goooo Greeen Raaaaanger Gooooo!) I’d like to compare notes on what I learned from it then versus what I have learned from it now.

AGE 8:
– It’s important to be nice to people (even if they’re colossal dickheads)
– Fighting is only for self defense
– Friendship is unbreakable and forever
– One day a handsome dude like Tommy will want to be your boyfriend
– High school is a magical place where everyone loves you

– Jason would have been a much better boyfriend
– Super ripped adults do not in any way look like teenagers
– Fashion in the 90s ruined me for life
– But scrunchies are still amazing no matter what anyone says
– Lord Zedd has a sweet booty


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