that ditchy feeling

When I was in the ninth grade, my bus driver was away for a couple of weeks to have laser surgery on his eyes. While he was gone, we had several different substitutes. The only substitute I remember is the one who took a bad turn and landed our bus in the ditch.

No one was hurt, and the bus wasn’t upside down (just tilted) but it was tough getting off. We were happily located near a friend’s house and I walked in, to the shock of her mother, and asked if I could call my parents.

I’ve never forgotten how it felt to hover several feet in the air on a low-budget 1,000 year-old bus seat. Have you ever arrived at an important appointment, realized you forgot your crucial paperwork, and then nearly fell over when you realized you hadn’t forgotten the paperwork? That’s the feeling.

I never saw that substitute bus driver again.

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