Grocery Lists

Grocery list when you’re hungry:

Massive amounts of chocolate
More chips
10 gallon hat filled with caramel
All the raspberry gingerale they have
Toilet paper*

The cupcakes are dessert for after the cake. Obviously.

Grocery list when you’ve just had dinner:

Red peppers
Extra lean ground beef
Grass? Wheat? I dunno some shit that’s supposed to be good for you
Toilet paper*

*Because no matter what I buy at the store, it’s all gonna come out in the end. (HAH!)

One thought on “Grocery Lists

  1. fiftywordsdaily March 21, 2016 / 4:08 pm

    There has been a serious breach of data protection here. How have you managed to see my before and after totally stuffing my face shopping lists? This is very concerning…..

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