I didn’t know calico cats had a reputation until one entered my life. At first, she seemed like a sweet thing, though she tended to eat things she shouldn’t (like a rubber mouse).

It was only as she grew old and bitter that Jill became who she is today.

Jill is the type of cat who will finish her own food, then eat everyone else’s, because she believes she is entitled. She is the type of cat who will climb your leg to get a noodle, but won’t eat it unless you have buttered it first.

Jill is the type of cat who will poop outside the litter box, right beside it on the floor. She’s the type of cat who will, while you are watching, turn in the box twice, move to stand over the bathtub drain, look you directly in the eye…and poop.

The food thing, though – that’s what got her in trouble.

I learned the hard way not to put away Dexter’s leftovers when we go out. Dexter’s a  husky and doesn’t always finish his dinner (huskys don’t eat nearly as much as other large dogs). One evening, on our way out, we forgot to dump the nearly full bowl back in the container.

Flash forward to the next evening. Jill starts making some funny noises. The two humans look at each other and realize she ate the whole bowl.

“Oh no,” I thought. “Is she going to need medical attention?”

It turns out Jill was just fine, but I spent that entire evening cleaning up two kinds of bodily functions. The height of Jillmaggedon for me was when she pooped violently in a shoebox, staggered over to the couch, and went to sleep.

An hour later, after a whirlwind of kitty mess, Jill got up and meowed that she was hungry.



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