Proud to be Ridiculous in 2016

This blog has been quiet for the past couple of weeks while I enjoyed time with my family (and my video games) but it’s time for an update.

I won’t be posting flash fiction as frequently this year because I need to get moving on The Finnaly Trio #2. (Have you read The Dragon’s Toenail yet?) I will be participating in challenges when time permits, and if everything goes well, you’ll see another happy compilation late in the year (similar to Once Upun a Time, but with a special theme).

Starting soon (hopefully Monday) I’ll be posting a series bi-weekly at Chanillo called Rafaello’s Eternal Design Inc. I’ve just put in a request to have my series be included in the writing for charity section, so that hopefully any proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

So – what will you see on this blog in the days to come?

Starting January 20 on alternating Wednesdays I will post some flash fiction. Some may be inspired by true events. Some may be based on a prompt I beg from someone I know. Some may be from competitions.

Beginning January 15 I will make blog posts on alternating Fridays, with amusing (I hope) anecdotes from daily life.

And of course, you can expect the occasional announcement about new books to come.

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