And Yes – He Won

This quick & silly piece got an Honourable Mention over at Micro Bookends.


And Yes – He Won

“Face it. You can’t win this,” Logan said.

Ben snapped his helmet shut with a click of absolute defiance.

“You’ve improved but you’re not ready to face BeXazI. He’s got eight arms. You’re allowed one épée per pair.”

Ben fastened his belt.

“Someone rigged this so you’d fight him! They want you to die. CorBpses fight to the death.”

Ben made a rude gesture.

“I love you, Ben, so stop being a jackass and listen. I Space-Fenced for years, remember? I don’t want you to drop out. I want you to cheat.

Ben’s posture shifted favourably.

“You know how I can cheat?”

“Are you kidding? I wrote the book.”


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