In Which We Discuss Food

It’s funny how your taste can change as you get older. There are numerous things I wouldn’t eat as a child that I consider dietary staples now (for example, onions and cinnamon, though not together). It’s that age old joke about kids hating vegetables – they eventually grow into them. Well, my mother didn’t. She still refuses to eat anything green and on rare occasions she might eat one carrot. She likes corn, but corn isn’t a real vegetable.

I used to think chili was gross, but my husband put some in the slow cooker and I couldn’t eat it for hours and the beautiful smell made me weep with sadness. I might be exaggerating about the weeping. I might not. The chili was freakin’ delicious and my stomach is exceptionally happy, or at least it will be until I start suffering from mega-heartburn, but that’s a problem for future Holly.

I wish I’d grown out of my potato obsession. That would have been convenient.

It’s also funny how your body will reject food that you associate with bad times. For instance, I ate some pancakes once and later that evening threw up violently all over the stairs. (In fact, most of the memories of my childhood sicknesses involve that particular staircase at my grandparents’ home…I wonder if they should disclose that to the realtor before it gets sold?) For years afterwards I couldn’t eat pancakes. I eat the hell out of them now whenever I have the chance, but at one time even the thought of pancakes made me want to head for the stairs.

I can’t drink coffee anymore because once upon a time a coffee made me yak. That is something I have to face every day when the delicious coffee smell permeates the office. Those coffee-drinking jerks.

What did you hate as a kid that you gobble up now? Did you, like me, experiment with vegetarianism for a year only to discover that you don’t hate meat? Is there something you still can’t eat because it makes your stomach churn with the memories?

Humans are weird, right?

Or is it just me?

3 thoughts on “In Which We Discuss Food

  1. Carrie Rubin September 19, 2014 / 8:55 pm

    I used to hate tomatoes and onions. Wouldn’t touch them. Now I love them added to things. A good caprese salad? Oh, I’m so there.

  2. Timothy Gwyn September 19, 2014 / 10:52 pm

    I’ve changed my mind on spinach and spring greens, just in the last few years. But not Brussels sprouts: cooks at my English prep school boiled them down to mushy bitter yellow lumps, and to this day I cannot imagine them being nice.

    • Holly Geely September 19, 2014 / 10:56 pm

      It’s the smell of Brussels sprouts that gets me. My grandma used to microwave them for my grampa to eat…nasty.

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