Gaming Again

My computer developed a sound like some large machinery about to take flight. I could handle the noise, but while I was playing The Wolf Among Us episode 4, the game kept cutting out. The screen would go blank and another awful whirring noise announced that I’d have to start the chapter over again and the sound worked its way into my nightmares. How could I go on, if I could not help Bigby find out whodunit?

I might be exaggerating about the nightmares (or not, I really like that game) but in the end I had to invest in a new computer. I had one built, and I got a decent video card, which means I’ve been devoting my evenings to playing games the old computer wouldn’t run.

I purchased The Witcher 2 when it came out (in 2011 I think) and couldn’t get past the first chapter. I caught up and surpassed it last night, and I am not disappointed. I’m all set to play the new Dragon Age in October, and if past games are any indication it’s probably going to devour my life.

When I started playing Dragon Age: Origins I was new to the gaming scene. As a kid I had a Super Nintendo and I loved it. We played games on my grandparents’ computer, mostly the old DOS-based ones, like Hocus Pocus, Crystal Caves, and Jill of the Jungle. We didn’t get a computer with  Internet access until I was 15. At that point, I buried myself in anime and anime fandom and didn’t give much thought to video games. I was always mildly interested in the thought of RPGs, being a fan of Fighting Fantasy-type novels, but I didn’t have a console and I figured that meant I didn’t have access. =

My brother and I still use Super Nintendo and I still play the DOS games on a simulator, because childhood, but now I have access to a wider variety of games on a variety of platforms.  I prefer gaming on the PC but there are some you need to play on console, like Soul Calibur and Dragon’s Dogma and who could pass up Little Big Planet?

RPGs for me are just books that have come to life. Story is my most important factor and I’ll lose interest if the characters aren’t compelling. Character customization is also a personal preference, though sometimes that can get out of hand. Have you ever spent hours trying to get your character just right? Yes you have. Don’t deny it.

In conclusion, my new computer is gorgeous and shiny and it has a light-up case and I love it. I may never get anything productive done ever again.

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