The Bathroom Project

We purchased our house in September 2012, and being the noobs that we were, made some rookie mistakes. Since then we’ve realized we were ripped off, but it’s never been more apparent than the past few weeks.

Our upstairs shower started leaking so we stopped using it, but I noticed an odd smell and we suspected mould. We had a plumber come in and look at it. He took a look at the rest of the bathroom as well and his overall assessment was a shake of the head. He told us the reason the sink never worked well is that some idiot used a car hose instead of a proper hose to hook up the plumbing. Go figure.

Clearly there was no choice but to hire the plumber to undertake the project. We knew it would be expensive. He began the Monday after I had minor surgery, and I spent my week of recovery downstairs on the couch hearing various exclamations of “What the hell?”

There were so many problems. When he opened up the wall he found that it was a miracle our house hadn’t burned down, so he called an electrician. All of the plumbing was apparently backwards. The real kicker for me was that the wall adjacent to the master bedroom wasn’t properly attached – it was held up with paint.

The plumber expected to spend a week maximum on our project, but it turned into three. The poor guy had to reschedule other clients for this. I’m glad he did, because he could have just as easily left it unfinished for when he had time.

Whoever made the addition on this house was either a criminal, tremendously stupid – or both.

So there you have it, folks. Home inspections are expensive, but maybe they’ll save you in the long run. I suppose the upside is that our house will be worth more when we’re done fixing it. We might never want to sell it, now that we’ve been instilled with a fear of buying a complete craphole, but you never know.

I miss apartment living sometimes, mostly when we have to shell out cash for someone else’s neglect, but I do like being a homeowner. We finally have enough space for all of the stuff we’ve accumulated. It’s nice having proper furniture. The cats are much happier (and thinner) than they used to be. My husband was able to get the dog he’s always wanted. My brother and I can have loud karaoke parties that don’t disturb anyone.

It would sure be nice if someone else was paying for the bathroom, though!

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